What to look for when buying?

  • When buying a waterbed must be paid for many things. Generally, the purchase is a bit more difficult compared to traditional beds. Due to the very high costs, which are usually in the 4-digit range, the purchase must be carefully considered.
  • The quality is, of course, the most important criterion of a waterbed. The material should be of high quality and be able to withstand high loads. A plagued bed would cause a lot of damage. The quality of heating is also crucial. This should be able to warm the bed to at least 27 degrees.
  • Although waterbeds are not difficult to fill, a comfortable delivery directly to your home should definitely be preferred. The installation of the bed should be possible with a well-structured manual without any problems.
  • The warranty period should, of course, be as long as possible. This should include all repair work. If, for example, the heating of the waterbed fails, it will be carried out for free on site.
  • Waterbeds are usually very durable and should last up to 25 years. For this reason, manufacturers give a long warranty of 10 or even 15 years. Manufacturers of waterbeds who voluntarily undergo the TÜV test do not use any pollutants.
  • Waterbeds can be purchased either at an online store or at a branch store. Inexpensive models usually do not have very high quality. Some sellers offer customers a special service. This includes not only extensive advice but also the construction of the waterbed on site.
  • A waterbed can be exchanged if necessary. This allows the buyer to test the bed in peace and return if they do not like it with no effort. This is also a big advantage when shopping online.
  • An on-site test is not only possible if a waterbed is purchased in the store. Even with beds offered on the Internet, these can often be tested on-site at a branch.
  • The size of a waterbed, the buyer can only partially based on the dimensions of a classic bed. Since most waterbeds are additionally embedded in a show cover, they are slightly larger.

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