What is a gel foam mattress?

The gel foam of the mattresses is made of a special polymer. This gives the material a very good ability to adapt to body contours. In addition, the gel foam has a very good point elasticity. Like a tough gel, the foam adapts to the lying body and surrounds it evenly. As soon as the pressure is removed, the gel foam returns to its initial state with a short delay. As a result, the person lying in the test benefits from uniform support and optimal pressure relief. The sleeping feeling on a gel foam mattress is similar to sleeping on a waterbed. Due to its open-cell character, the gel foam is very breathable and offers the unpopular house dust mites no good breeding ground.

How is a gel foam mattress constructed?

A gel foam mattress consists of several layers. Usually, the mattresses are surrounded by a cotton blend fabric cover. This is usually removable and can be washed at 60 degrees. Underneath is a protective fleece and this is made of 100 percent cotton. Under the fleece is a mostly 8 cm thick layer of gel foam with a fairly high density of about 85. The gel foam layer provides in the test on the one hand for a good pressure point relief and on the other for a very high conformability to the body. So that the gel foam has sufficient support power, it is welded directly onto a cold fluff panel. This gives the gel foam mattress the necessary back pressure. The cold fluff layer is about 8 cm high, has a density of about 45 and allows optimal transport of moisture. Overall, the gel foam mattresses between 16 to 18 cm high. Looking for mattress store houston, do not miss to visit our site.

What is the difference to gel mattresses?

The gel foam is an evolution of the classic gel. For this reason, the feeling of lying on a gel foam mattress is relatively similar to a classic gel mattress. The normal gel has a very high weight, needs to be heated and has a high purchase price. This is softer than the visco foam and adapts even faster to the individual body shape. The gel mattresses and gel beds resemble the waterbeds and have a special mattress core.