Buy Viscomantrate: What to pay attention to?

As a mattress tester you should be able to take different mattresses under the magnifying glass – as a private person, however, you would usually like to decide on the right mattress. Therefore, we reveal what to look for when you want to buy an (orthopedic) Visco mattress.

Density: Decisive about quality and longevity

As we have already noted in the mattress comparison, the density in the search for the best mattress is of great importance, because it determines the quality and thus the longevity of the mattress. However, there are no real guidelines for buying a viscous mattress because there are different ways to squeeze the visco foam. As with most other mattresses, a volume weight of 50 kg / m³ is also generally recommended for a Visco mattress. But beware: Too much volume makes the mattress expensive, heavy and sensitive to temperature – in winter it is finally rock hard and too soft in summer. If you are overweight you should also set a volume weight of 85 kg / m³ – if the mattress is accompanied by a cold fluff core, it should have a density of 35 kg / m³.

Compression Hardness & Core Height: Decisive about sinking

In addition to the volume weight, the compressive strength and the core height of the mattress are decisive for the comfort the mattress offers. The compression hardness describes the hardness and defines how quickly the mattress adapts to the body when changing the lying position. Compared to spring mattresses, Visco mattresses have accordingly a low compression hardness. The core height, however, describes the height of the foam core, whose foam quantity influences the degree of hardness of the core. If the core is particularly high, you sink less deeply than with a narrower core. The overall height of the mattress is not very meaningful in this regard, as the reference and any conditions are included here.

Mattress cover: For convenience and hygieneGetting a good mattress should definitely be washable and also free of pollutants – especially for households with children, seniors or people with allergies, this is very important. Best mattress sale houston tx. Houston locations and working days delivery.