Back sleeper mattress – the right mattress for healthy sleep

The lying position on the back is not a sleeping position, which is preferred by many people but it is considered particularly healthy, as the neck and spine are optimally stored with a flat back sleepers pillow. In addition, the position in the supine position is gentle on the joints and the risk of tension and back pain is lower.

This is due to the fact that the body weight evenly distributed on the mattress and no special body parts are exposed to high loads. In addition, the wrinkles on sleeping on the back can be prevented because the face does not come into direct contact with the pillow. But not only the right back sleeper pillow is important for people who prefer to lie on their backs, but it also depends on the right mattress.

What do you have to pay attention to with a back sleeper mattress?

People who like to sleep on their backs should make sure that the back sleeper mattress has a high point elasticity so that optimal support for the body can be guaranteed. In addition, the mattress should adapt well to the body, because only in this way a suitable for back sleepers pressure relief is guaranteed and the discs can regenerate. Who wants to buy a mattress for back sleepers, should also make sure that the mattress is divided into lying areas, so that the spine in the mattress does not sag, but is effectively supported by the lying areas. Buy mattress from best Mattress Scottsdale az.

For back sleepers, it is relevant that the shoulder and seat area can sink into the mattress so that the spine is ergonomically correctly stored. These zones should be soft so that the muscles are relieved. However, the zones in the area of ​​the cervical spine should be firm. It is also crucial that the pelvis can sink into the mattress and the chest area is sufficiently supported because so cannot form a hollow cross. Back sleepers will no longer have to suffer from tension. Ideally, 7-zone mattresses are ideal, as the head must be supported effectively in the supine position.